Robert Perry

Robert Perry; Composer, Bassist, Musical Director & Educator based in Cheltenham. Robert has created soundtracks for spoken word.
As a bass player Robert has performaed with Bobby Crush; Sara Todd; Pete Wyer; Sarah Tennant Flowers; Steve Dalachinsky, Chris Cundy; Will Talbot & Andy Brotherton. In 2012/13 Robert was the MD & composer for Gloucester Mystery Plays Quartet; Sixth Sense; JWR Collective & Acoustic Beauty.

Robert composed the music for TRACKS 2C (2016) & TRACKS (2014)
Robert has also supported us creatively from the very beginnings of our company and we are fortunate to move into a studio together (July 2016)


Infomatic Films

Infomatic Films are short animated film makers which make fantastic animations on topical subjects you may not hear too much about in the mainstream media outlets. They aim to tap people gently on the shoulder and say: "Do you know about this?"
"Our main ethos is to make films anyone can watch and understand.From School kids to grandmas. We avoid cuss words and gore by sticking to our favored 1950's style, up-beat and good 'ol US of A propaganda."
Infomatic films have given us permission to use their film, 'GMO A-GO-GO' which is a superb 10 minute animation that discusses the issues around Monsanto. So if you want to see it on the big screen, come join us in May 2015! Please take a look at their website! (Link to the right!)

Bee Mercy

Bee Mercy, organic raw honey company founded in 2010 out of necessity to provide help for a friend suffering from ulcerative colitis. Raw honey was sought after in order to aid their recovery. After a long search we managed to locate raw honey produced in beautiful pristine countryside, thus establishing the beginning of Bee Mercy.
Bee Mercy have kindly helped us with research & opinions regarding pesticides and the future of the bees.
Please take a look at their website! (Link to the right)