You pick the questions,
You choose the characters.

Monsanto Who? is a post-modern Documentary & digital theatre debate ofthe issues surrounding Monsanto.
Who are Monsanto? Exactly!

Talking GMO/Frankenfoods, Hormones, Aspartame, Pesticides and more! The audience will hear the opinions of Scientists, News reporters, Celebrities and Farmers.

Gloucestershire actors take on the roles in this fast paced post-modern play: full of humour, silly costumes & characterisations. The actors have little idea which questions will be asked or which characters they’ll be asked to play, with real quotes & opinions.

dates / locations TBC
[we are currently looking at festivals aroung the UK!]

Performance Dates & Venues - 2015

Friday 15th -The Midland Hotel, Cheltenham
Saturday 16th - Open House, Stroud
Friday 29th - Open House, Stroud
Saturday 30th - Tigers Eye, Gloucester
Sunday 31st - The Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham
Friday 11th & Saturday 12th - Stroud Theatre Festival

Thank you to all audiences, the particpators for joining us on our Gloucestershire Tour.

The DVD is now available! Please email Laura for details: