TRACKS 2C 2016 Feb

Remember our debuting show TRACKS back in January or April 2014?
Well this time Brick Door Theatre bring TRACKS 2C, a brand new developed show!

A physical exploration into journey's people are forced to take, a performance with an impressive soundtrack which presents a dystopian world.

Laura May Attwood
Rob Penny

Soundtrack by Robert Perry & Chris Townsend

Technicians - Chris Townsend

Documentary credits: Robert James (HOST) , Laura Attwood, Rob Penny, Sarah Roberts, Rosemary James, Donna Kedward, Ryan Roberts, Rob Vizor, Christos Cailleux & Sergio Fandino

Soundtrack credits:
Alpha FM (AB Radio): Chris Townsend
War Meeting : Chris Townsend
Job Interview: Robert Perry
Displacement: Robert Perry
Propaganda (AB Radio): Chris Townsend
HUSH: Laura Attwood (accompanied by Robert Perry)
Doctor Doctor: Robert Perry
Extermination: Robert Perry & Chris Townsend
Denial: Laura Attwood & Rob Penny